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This sport of ours is getting bigger all the time. Every year more and more resorts are extending their season beyond winter throughout the summer. More lifts are opening and new wicked trails are being carved out of the mountain.

Whistler has set the precedent but it won't be long till many more resorts start gettin wise to the increase in demand.

Ok, lifts are nice, no...lifts are great. But when the lifts aren't running you still want to ride, so we included some places without lifts that are still wicked.

Just click on the flag of the country you want to visit and we'll give you the skinny on where to ride, where to stay and where to get your drink and pie on.

There are tons more countries with amazing trails and they will be added to the site in time, but we are being selective, only the great ones are gonna make it...well and a few O.K ones as we have to support the good ol' united kingdom.