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This is one of the best sites on the web. These boys talk the talk and er...ride the ride. Lots of info about all things freeride and Canadian bike oriented. They have excellent product reviews that really give you the skinny. All kit is tried and tested on the Shore where equipment failure taint an option.

Git your click on and find out about some real riding.

Gotta love the name of this site. It's all good, similar to nsmb E-zine, has some wicked photos and great deals. Lots of great stuff about road trips to sweet riding in western Canada.
Great website, love it. Based in London you gotta wonder how they keep motivated to keep bringing great news and reviews. There's a ton of info here. Get on their mailing list and you receive up to date info about all things bike...nice.

You need to buy something for your rig. Get your mouse over the logo on the right and get your click on. They have to be dealing stolen goods to get the prices this low. I know guys who work in bike shops and still buy from this site.
You get your stuff next day, they never screw it up and its so damn cheap you keep coming back, I'm not kidding, this is good...spread the news.

Ok, not everyone likes konas, I do, they're hard knock rides that maybe cost a little too much but they do exactly what you want. They have a nice website and you should check their kit out. Just look at the kind of promotion they've given the sport and if you ever meet Dewey tell him a poo story, he loves em.