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Penshurst , P.O.R.C

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The Skinny
Penshurst, Kent,UK
Elevation (max):
Not a lot
Trails: 4X course, quarry full of dirt jumps, many short course DH runs.
Lifts: There are rumours about BMX downhill racing and Olympics hmmm
Thread code: Jeans and T-shirts for the kids, branded DH and FR kit for the older kids. Maybe Full face and Pads, Pads, Pads.
Why Penshurst Off Road Club or P.O.R.C as it's affectionately known, is a great place to hang out on a hot day and hit some nice big table tops on the 4X course and maybe do a few not too hectic DH runs. There's a good atmosphere and there's no crappy attitude. Everyone is basically having a laugh.
What The main focus of P.O.R.C is the 4X track, it's pretty short and not particularly technical but the jumps are all easy enough to clear. Most are huge table tops so you can case them with not too much problem. Once you get them dialled you can get some massive air.

The dirt jumps in the quarry are all a bit sketchy and nothing like the beautifully groomed trails built by bmxers.

See the pics in the gallery

The down hills are all pretty good fun, nothing too challenging but there are a couple of nice road gaps that will keep the aerialists amused.

There's pretty regular racing at P.O.R.C check out the score at and check regularly on for lots of great BSX and DH action at PORC and tons of other places.

These boys do good website, we like.

Things are changing at PORC. There will soon be a new clubhouse and there is laser timing for the DH courses. There will also be national points series 4X races. All good news for biking nay but a stone's throw from London town.

You have to pay membership for a day at 4 quid or 2.50 if you're under 18. Annual membership is just 75.00 quid.

When Who goes jumping in the rain?

Ok, I used to. I don't recommend it though.

Go when it's hot and dusty.

Facilities There's wee cafe that sells luke warm softdrinks and will rent you a pikey helmet and even a bike. But you can sit on the terrace and watch people case the triple.

There's also space to pitch your tent so you can have a weekend there and get some dawn leaping in.

How Drive if you can, it's a bit of a push from Penshurst train station. Especially if you're on a full bouncer.

From the M25
Turn off at J5 (A21 Sevenoaks/Hastings)
Take the A26 (Southborough/Tunbridge Wells) Follow this uphill.
Take the B2176 (Penshurst) On the Right.
Follow into Penshurst. Pub on your left
Leave Penshurst on the B2188.
Past a small garage on the left, over a narrow bridge.
Take the next right (GROVE ROAD)
PORC is up the hill on the left.

From Tunbridge Wells
Take the A264 (East Grinstead)
Turn Right on to the B2188 (Fordcombe / Penshurst )
Follow downhill through Fordcombe and continue for approx 3 miles.
Take the left turn signed VINYARDS (this is Grove Road). This is just before a narrow bridge. If you get to Penshurst Village from this direction, you’ve gone too far!
PORC is about 1 mile up Grove Road on the left.

Open from 9am till 6pm.

Costs 4 great british pounds sterling.

Penshurst Off Road Cycling

Grove Road, Penshurst

Kent TN11 8DU

Tel: (01892) 870136


If you love your air time and don't mind pushing your bike a bit, you'll love Penshurst, there are so many lines through all the jumps you'll be lovin it.
GOOD Place to hang out, catch some air and get a bit of buzz on.
NOT SO GOOD Sketchy dirt jumps in the quarry.
IDEAL RIG Hard tails and full bouncers are in equal measure. You can ride whatever you want.
YOU'LL LOVE IT IF... Fast 4X courses and big air are your thang.