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Whistler Bike Park: MTB Heroin
Cliff Drop at the bottom of bike park
Huge bus size fun box
The Skinny
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Elevation (max):
675 meters / 2,214 feet
Trails: Amazing man made and natural trails with stunts and jumps
Lifts: Oh Lord Yes
Thread code: Full face lid, DH armour, big full bouncer, or baggy enduro kit for all day epics of the back of the mountain

The bike park trail system has been designed with input from the greatest riders in the world. It's huge, 1200m of descending through some of the most adrenaline fueled man made trails in the world.

You'll find yourself standing in line for the lift with riders like Andrew Shandro, Ritchie Schley and Gareth Dyer.

This is downhill moutain bike heaven.

35 trails (125miles) of single track, downhill & technical freeride trails with names like Schleyer, dirt merchant, joyride and the famous A-line jump trail.

3 Skills Centres: each designed for a different ability level.

The green skills centre is built close to the ground for riders just learning to clear obstacles and ride planks.

The blue zone increases the difficulty by raising, narrowing and tightening all of the constructed elements.

The double black skills centre is for expert riders only including North Shore-style obstacles.

What Warm up on B-line, wicked banked corners, get loose, get ready, this is a sweet flowing trail that sorts your head out and gets your discs nice and warm. Now hit Fantastic and blow through steep rock gardens and huge slabs of granite.  Look out for bears here, we nearly nailed one as we sailed over a wicked natural double.

All the trails end up in the biker X course, there's a bunch of jumps, mostly table tops, big bermed corners, a huge wall ride, a dirt jump up onto a box with a nice transition off the other side. If you break off left you go through the woods and have a choice of 3 drops, all have nice smooth transitions and can be easily ridden.

Now your all loose and ready for some real action, go hit the wicked smooth jumps on A-line or take in Richie Schley's signature trail ' Schleyer'.
Joyride and clownshoes get pretty technical. There's so much here you need at leat 3 days to get really flowing and then a couple more to rip down them.

There's an excellent head cam movie of A-line on It's a big download but well worth it.

See map of bike park trails.

Click image to see large map
Mountain Bike Park
Day Ticket Extended Play Season's Pass
Adult $35CDN $25CDN $249CDN
$26USD $18USD $182USD
£16* £11* £113*

*conversion correct at 20/7/03

When The Bike park opens from June 14th until September 21st from 10AM to 5pm daily. There's extended play till 8pm on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. The park will remain open at weekends until October 12th.
Where You can't miss the Bike Park, as you roll into the main plaza in Whistler village at the base of the mountain, the Fitzsimmons quad chair is ready to whisk you to the olympic station at the top of the park.
To the right, as you look up the mountain is the Guest relations building where you can buy your lift tickets.

When the lift finally shuts down at the end of the day, head over to the Dirt Jumps and skate park behind Parking lot 3 on the other side of Blackcomb way.
Click on the image of the Whistler village map to get a larger version.

There is a ton of information available at the official Whistler website
For further info about activities on Whistler and blackcomb mountain call the activity centre on:

604-938-2769 or toll-free 1-800-944-7853

Don't forget to add 001 if calling from outside Canada or USA

How If you are coming from the UK, then get on the internet and find your self a cheap flight to Vancouver International Airport.

There are excellent deals on Canadian Affair

Check out their special offers page. There are some silly low prices for early season breaks in June.

Air Canada has some great deals on direct flights.


Getting from the Airport to Whistler the options are renting a car or taking a shuttle service. If you are just staying in Whistler there is no point getting a car as everything you need is in pedalling/walking distance.

Perimeter's Whistler Express is a direct motor coach and van service from the Vancouver Airport to Whistler and is probably the best value option. Tell them you have a bike with you as you have to book this at a nominal extra cost.
Take a look at the spring/summer rates

Tel: 604-266-5386 in Vancouver
1-604-905-0041 in Whistler
1-877-317-7788 Toll Free

Car Hire

So you wanted to get the big pickup or SUV, yeah I know, we did it as well. Renting is not too expensive and gas is cheaper than mineral water. Rent from Avis, Hertz or one of the other big companys it's not worth skimping on this.

Driving Directions

From Vancouver Airport (YVR) to Whistler
1. Drive east out of the airport on Grant McConachie Way
2. Follow the Hwy 99 North signs over the Arthur Lang Bridge onto Granville Street
3. Follow Granville Street north crossing the Granville Street Bridge
4. Shift to the far right lane of the bridge and take the Seymour Street exit
5. Follow Seymour Street north until Georgia Street 6. Turn left onto Georgia Street
7. Georgia Street takes you through Vancouver's lovely downtown core heading west, through Stanley Park (so pretty!) and over the majestic Lions Gate bridge
8. Exit the bridge on the Marine Drive West turnoff
9. Shift to the far right lane once on Marine Drive
10. Take the first right onto Taylor Way
11. Travel up the hill and turn left onto Highway 1
12. Follow the signs and take Exit 2 (just before the ferry terminal) to Whistler Hwy 99


There is tons of accomodation in Whistler and it's nearly all spitting distance from the lifts. The best thing to do is go to and go from there, it all depends on how much you want to spend and how important it is to have your satellite TV. T

If you're on a tight budget, the Shoestring Lodge is excellent value for money at 17 to 26 canadian bucks a night for a single room or 55 to 110 for a double.
Located on the banks of Fitzsimmons Creek, 1km north of Whistler Village just off Hwy 99 in White Gold Estates

Contact Information: 7124 Nancy Green Dr
Whistler, BC V0N 1B0
Phone: 604-932-3338
Fax: 604-932-8347