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Panorama, B.C

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Rider: Jason Jacobs
Photographer: Mimo
Byron Grey
Huck Park
Rider: Radek Burkat
The Skinny
Panorama, Purcell Mountain Range, 18km west of Invermere, British Columbia, Canada
Elevation (max):
2,380 m (7,800 ft)
Trails: Amazing man made and natural trails with stunts and jumps
Lifts: Oh Lord Yes
Thread code: Full face lid, DH armour, big full bouncer, or baggy enduro kit for all day epics of the back of the mountain

The trail system here has been designed by top Norco freerider and 'Drop In' star Byron Grey.
There is everything from flowing North Shore style trails with huge stunts, world cup standard descents to one of the best BSX courses in BC.
All this flows down some 1200 feet to the village and there's no need to ride back up, the lift is fast and efficient carrying rider and bike back up top for more of the same.

Panorama is another Intrawest resort, so their hot on the heels of Whistlers success and are keen to build further trails and promote biking. There are DH races and events running all through the summer, check Panorama's website regularly for what's going on.

And as if that isn't enough despite Panarama being rated in the top five moutain bike parks in North America it is one of the most chilled out zero attitude places to ride and hang out. You ride a moutain bike, you're welcome...I like that.

Wanna see some more of Mimo's great shots?

Check out

What Most of the really gnarly trails are on the right side of the chair lift. Dive off to the left for some easier trails that are worth hitting while you warm up for scary stuff.

INSANITY Starts at the top of the quad, lt's a deceptively easy start but soon you will understand why this is an expert trail, as it steeply plunges down tight switchbacks before launching you onto Old-Timer. The lower section is easier intermediate riding and there are different options all along this trail. At the start, you can take Cougar-Ann as a more interesting start to the trail, and near the middle are options for two trails not on the map also, "The Punisher" going down Cliff Glades and a straight-line down the middle of Hay Fever". At the end, Quadzilla, Lower Quadzilla and the rest of the lower trails become accessible.

Insanity, is an old school natural trail that relies on the lay of the mountainside. Using tight switchbacks with some steep shoots.

Most of the trails in Panorama are natural with few man-made stunts. The exception is Crazytrain. This North Shore style trail combines stunts with the fall line to create 1,200 feet of adrenaline fueled flow. All the stunts have alternate lines so you can take a look at them first.

You want it steep, ass dragging on the back wheel type descending, take Punisher, you won't be able to walk down this without doing the crazy leg pogo you see on those steep dismount out takes.

The beginner trails all pretty much lead into the stunt park which has drops ranging from 2 – 8 feet along with a few skinny bridges of different widths. Get some bottle up in the park before you shoot over towards the lift and right onto the bikercross. This is one of the only permanent BSX courses in B.C and though it's pretty short there are some nice berms and jumps to keep you busy for hours. Pro qualifying times are in the region of 30-40seconds. Go give it a shot.

Click here for a list of trails with descriptions

Some skinny, some not so skinny
Rider: Daver
Photographer: Mimo
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When The Bike park opens from June 21st to September 1st, riding from Sunday to Friday 11:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 11:00am to 8:00pm.
Mountain Bike Park
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Where Panorama is just 18km from Invermere in the Purcell Mountain range. It is an epic 850km drive from Vancouver but you'll see some of British Columbia's most stunning scenery.

Alternatively fly to Calgary airport which is significantly closer.

Perfect Mountain biker digs can be found at the Pine Inn. It's ideally located at the base of the “Mile 1” high speed quad chair. It's budget lodging at it's finest. You get full bath, TV, phone, large outdoor hot tub, sauna, lounge and restaurants. They do a a great stay’n ride package that includes unlimited quad access and breakfast for $46 per person per night for a minimum of three nights. Call the Panorama reservations line to see what deals they have going 1-800-663-2929 or go to the accomodtion section of their site.

Click on the map for larger image of Panorama relative to Invemere

There is a ton of information available at the official Panorama website

Don't forget to add 001 if calling from outside Canada or USA

Dirt Jumps at Panorama
How If you are coming from the UK, then get on the internet and find your self a cheap flight to Vancouver or Calgary. Calgary is much closer.

There are excellent deals on Canadian Affair

Check out their special offers page. There are some silly low prices for early season breaks in June.

Air Canada has some great deals on direct flights.


Getting from the Airport to Panorama the options are renting a car or renting a car. You can get a Greyhound bus apparently, but I did that once and I'll be damned if I ever do that again.

The drive is amazing and it justn't get more beautiful than Western Canada. Remind me, why do I live in London?

Car Hire

Get the big pickup or SUV, yeah they guzzle fuel, but you're going into the wilderness and you gotta have enough space for all your gear right?.
Renting in Canada is not too expensive and gas is cheaper than mineral water.
Rent from Avis, Hertz or one of the other big companys it's not worth skimping on this.

Driving Directions

From Calgary - Head west on the #1 highway past Canmore & Banff. Turn south on the #93 highway to Radium Hot Springs. Turn left at the 4-way stop in Radium and drive 14km south to the Invermere turn-off.
It is approximately 3.5 hours, 266km from the Calgary city limit to Invermere. Panorama is located 18km west of Invermere and directions are well-marked.

Avis: 1-800-879-2847

Hertz: 1-800-263-0600

Thrifty: 1-800-367-2277

Budget: 1-800-268-8900

This is mountain biking fast technical trails, hitting big jumps, railing berms and hanging out with like minded relaxed people, You like this? Then go to Panorama, it's getting close to Whistler.
GOOD Wicked trails, fast lift and great attitude.
NOT SO GOOD Long way if you're from Europe
IDEAL RIG Big bike, lots of travel, triple clamp forks
YOU'LL LOVE IT IF... Technical trails, fast 4X courses and big air are your thang.